Gray Zone


They are in a gray zone, between crime and punishment; between truth and excuses; between this moment and eternity. Their eyes, whats in them – repentance or apathy?Their words are confessions or just learnt by heart materials of the case?

Images of life sentenced women and their surrounding were taken in Kachanivska colony during their interview for theater pieceĀ Feminae Damnatum. They were taken on old camera Canon AE-1, which is of about the same age as the women; using expired black and white film Svema. The film was produced in Shostka, Ukraine; it is a town in only 300 kilometers from the prison, but the women, ironically, maybe will never see it…

Their stories, except the theater piece itself, became a ground for a musical canvas. There were woven their stories about war in Ukraine, daily work, worries and waiting, about calls to relatives and loneliness. And about dreams… These all together – stories, images, materials and music are composing the audio-visual object Gray Zone

music, photos

Canon AE-1, expired film Svema


The musical canvas is here