Gray Zone

They are in a gray zone, between crime and punishment; between truth and excuses; between this moment and eternity. Their eyes, whats in them – repentance or apathy?Their words are confessions or just learnt by heart materials of the case? Images of life sentenced women and their surrounding were taken in Kachanivska colony during their […]

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You see nothing more than silhouettes. But they are bright, filled with the colours of Kiev: with graffiti, with traffic signs, flowers, leaves, buildings and light. The Kiev based LGBT-activist Stanislav Mishchenko has once again portrayed lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender people of his hometown. It is Stanislav’s second tomography exhibition which were shown first time  in […]

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K-people. Queer living in Kyiv

The project shows scene of LGBT-community in Kyiv. “There is no big united community in western meaning. The scene is barely visible, and trying hard to fight against daily discrimination, stigma and violence. But it exists.” Portrays of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people from the city, open or closeted about their sexual orientation and gender […]

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