K-people. Queer living in Kyiv

The project shows scene of LGBT-community in Kyiv. “There is no big united community in western meaning. The scene is barely visible, and trying hard to fight against daily discrimination, stigma and violence. But it exists.”

Portrays of gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people from the city, open or closeted about their sexual orientation and gender identity; LGBT activists, neighbors of the photographer, friends, in their daily routine. They are mixed with part of the surrounding city – famous streets, hidden corners and graffiti on walls.

It is a lightprint of the community, made with analog and lomo cameras, aimed to open up a bit curtains of hidden LGBT-community in capital of Ukraine.

Diana Mini, Zorky-4, Zenit-E, Zenit-11, Bilora Box
color, redscale and b&w films 

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